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What is PIAS ?

PIAS is a digital asset that supports the "PIAS" tokenomics and conforms to BEP-20, the token specification for the BNB chain, with mature security performance, processing power, and various durability features.


Name: PIAS 

Ticker symbol: PIAS 

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Decimals: 18



• Enjoying the BCG PIAS game experience

• BCG PIAS in-game rewards

• Purchase of crop NFTs listed on the PREMA platform

• Logistics payments in the PIAS economies

• Salary pool for primary industry workers

• Investment pool for prospective technologies for the   

   development of primary industry


Deflation Mechanism

In PIAS, we will implement a staking system. BCG players who stake tokens will enjoy a variety of benefits in the game.


As "PIAS" matures as an attractive content, the number of BCG players staking is expected to increase, resulting in a decrease in the number of PIAS tokens circulating in the market.


​Coming soon

You could purchase PIAS through Exchange and Wallet.

Please check out which service is available for it.

How to Purchase PIAS?

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