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"PIAS" is a primary industry experience game themed on human revival that incorporates digital and physical crossover elements to revitalize primary industries that play an essential role in the foundation of all industries.

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Also, "PIAS" is a BCG with the desire to make blockchain technology accessible to the public.

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The in-game items (NFT) obtained by players through gameplay can be exchanged for primary industry crops in the real world.



he lost her memory.

Here is a barren planet with no water, no greenery, and not even air.

Her spaceship is broken, malfunction.

Food is scarce.......

The girl stands alone.

She looks at the barren land as far as she can see.


-- Who the hell am I?  --

-- Where did I come from, alone? --

“Yes, ....... I came here to revive the abandoned planet.”


She took a step forward.

To bring back greenery, water, and air to the planet.

This is a story of a girl and the rebirth of the stars.

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